Mr Chris Lambrianides - Chief Executive Officer

As it is well known the Kapa Agency was founded in 1949 by Chris Lambrianides. He studied as an accountant and Economist. Soon after the foundation of Kapa Agency he became a member of the Chamber of Commerce at that time as well as of other commercial organisations and a member of the Council of Commercial Agents.

Mr Lambrianides was a founder member of The Institute of Agricultural Sales Executives (membership number 1120). Soon after his successful career he still has good relations with European firms he is representing and now he is a consultant to all the companies under the Kapa Agency umbrella.

He has been honoured by our associates in Germany and in other European countires for his excellent work during more than 40 years of partnership and co-operation with them.


Mrs Demetra Kattou (BA.hons, pst diploma) - Public Relations and Marketing Director

A graduate of the university of Kent in the U.K she studied foreign languages and she has a post graduate degree in marketing and she is in charge of all communications with our European associates. She also arranges, organises and attends exhibitions internationally. Mrs Demetra Kattou is the niece of Mr Lambrianides. She joined the company in 1988 and she will take over in the future  the position of Chief Executive Officer. If you come to Cyprus she will take care of your travel and accommodation requirements as well as arranging and escorting you to appointments with customers. She is fluent in German, Spanish, French, English and Greek.


Mrs Maria Liatsou - Personal Assistant to Chief Executive Officer

She has been a member of the company for over eighteen years. Her duties involve promotion and marketing of all the goods and services of Kapa Agency. Among her tasks is to deal with client enquiries and gives general assistance to the Chief Executive Officer.


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